What HFGR Will Do

Aid, assist, encourage and support financially and otherwise the research efforts of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society, individuals, scholars, educational institutions including colleges and universities supporting the research of the migration of Germans people to various Russian provinces and areas and then from Russia to the United States of America, Canada, Australia and various countries of South America and the world; accumulate family and individual histories, oral and written, letters, family memorabilia, steam ship manifestos, state, county, domain or province records and accounts; to support the translation of documents, and otherwise to foster, support and assist in collecting and collating such data and historical documents to be maintained in places of safe keeping including the library of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society or any other library of any public or private college or university.

Secure, accept, hold and manage donations, gifts, gifts in trust, annuities, legacies, devises or bequests, insurance policies or any other type or kind of property, from individuals, corporations and institutions for the purpose of conducting or furthering the aims and objectives set out or limited by such donors for the purpose or purposes either designated by the donor or settlor, or by the board of directors of this foundation if such gifts and donations are not otherwise restricted to further the educational or charitable purposes set out herein.

Hold funds and gifts, bequests, annuities or other assets so received in perpetual, or income earning accounts, with the principal net interest or other income to be used and the purposes for which given.

Buy, own, hold, sell, transfer, mortgage and otherwise convey or hypothecate any asset, real or found, equipment, supplies or other assets not otherwise gifted or held pursuant to any trust or other conditions which limit the use of such asset for a specific use or purpose.

Buy, own, hold, sell, mortgage and convey all real estate, stocks, bonds, policies of insurance, annuities as is necessary or desirable for the purpose of which this corporation was organized.

Publicize the institutions and causes of the Germans From Russia Heritage Society and to carry on an educational program within said society.

Educate the members of the Germans From Russia Heritage Society, their heirs and descendants and others of the ethnic and cultural heritage of the German peoples who emigrated from Russia to the United States of America, Canada and other countries of the world as well as those who stayed behind and may still live in Russia or countries or provinces that once formed the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics.

Cooperate with the American Historical Society of Germans From Russia and the International Foundation of the AHSGR in attaining the goals and objections common to both the Germans From Russia Heritage Society and the American Historical Society of Germans From Russia as may be identified or approved by the Board of Directors of the Heritage Foundation for Germans from Russia.