In Memorium – Roger Haas

On July 23, 2016 HFGR Board member Roger Haas died in an automobile accident in Montana. Roger’s wife of 60 years, Roberta, predeceased him.

Roberta June Haas, June 15, 1935 – November 18, 2015
Roger August Haas, April 30, 1934 – July 23, 2016

Roberta was born in Shallowater, Texas, on June 15, 1935. She was the second oldest of five children. She grew up in the Lubbock, Texas area, Washington, and then moved to Oregon.

Roger was born in Zeeland, North Dakota on April 30, 1934. He was the second oldest of four children, but his mother, Kathryn, died and after his father remarried, he had three more brothers. He grew up in North and South Dakota until leaving for Oregon after one year of teaching in Omio Public School.

Roberta lived with her mother, sisters, and her brother in the military.  She provided support by working for Montgomery Ward.

Roger was busy doing Post Office work, selling Fuller Brush and encyclopedias, which is how Roger met Roberta in 1954. He proposed to her on Valentine’s Day, and they married in June 1955, after nine months of courtship.

Both decided to further their education and went to Cascade College, Portland State University, and University of Oregon. Roberta stopped at her Master’s and Roger was just short of his doctorate due to their three children (Kathryn 1960, Karla 1962, and Karolyn 1964) and busy schedules, jobs and changing the family direction. Roger retired from teaching and administration to be an entrepreneur of different sorts, taking the family into quite the work chapter, while Roberta continued to teach for 30 years until 1990.

Roger and Roberta traveled off and on to various places, but as their children left the nest they traveled more to Europe, much of the U.S., particularly the Dakotas, due to genealogy on both sides. They continued to manage and develop properties while being heavily involved with Germans from Russia organizations, also spending 4-5 weeks in the summer for the last ten years at the Haas Heritage Farm.

Roger and Roberta have been cremated and their ashes were buried on August 7, 2016, at Friedens Lutheran Cemetery in Wishek, North Dakota, where a stone has already been placed for them.