Who We Are

“Ensuring the Legacy of Germans from Russia”

The Heritage Foundation for Germans from Russia (HFGR) was organized, incorporated and received its tax exemption [501(c)(3)] status in 2001, for the purpose of receiving gifts and investing them to give, among its other activities, financial assistance to GRHS in the long term.

HFGR is NOT a part of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS); it operates independently, with a Board of Directors selected from GRHS membership. Members of GRHS are also members of HFGR, with, however, no membership fees. This Board’s sole purpose is to receive and manage gifts for the purpose of, among its other activities, giving financial assistance to GRHS in the long term.

HFGR specializes in trying to answer general questions about gifting for the long term to HFGR. Its Fund Raising Committee expends its efforts in attempting to generate gifting to the Foundation. The Investment Committee invests and manages gifts to HFGR to enable the foundation to fulfill its mission.

HFGR Board members are volunteers and are available to assist donors by answering questions about gifting to HFGR, at no cost to the donor. Board members can help donors plan their estates to maximize their lifetime investments, all the while supporting HFGR in its purposes of gathering and investing gifts for the long term, all for the financial benefit of GRHS, among its other activities.

HFGR encourages donors to contact its Board of Directors’ members at the addresses, telephone numbers and e‑mail addresses found by clicking the hyperlink. They will respond in a timely manner and attempt to answer your questions about plans to gift to HFGR. Donors will be provided with a brochure, which will provide further information about the Foundation and also a form on which to submit a description of your potential gift(s) to HFGR. The members are available to help donors gift for the long term.